Muhammed Imran Hussain


(AngularJS) why ngInclude directive not fetching external html fragment?

There may be many reason of not fetching external html fragment. If you followed rules that ngInclude required, the source path is correct and it is not fetching fragment then one of the reason can be the the…

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(AngularJS) Bootstrap carousel not working with AngularJS – Fix

The AngularJS ngRoute directive intercepts anchor link click which is why Bootstrap carousel control does not work if controls are anchor link. The simple solution replace “anchor” tag with “span” tag From:


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(WordPress) How to show links in excerpt?

the_excerpt() function displays the summary of the page/post content after applying several filters to it including links. If you want to show links in excerpt call or if you want to apply your own filtering algorithm, at first…

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(WordPress) How to open custom link in menu to new tab?

WordPress custom link in menu open the page in the same window by default. Simple steps 🙂 to open the page in the new tab or to enable the target=”_blank” are…

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UVA 459 – Graph Connectivity (Java Solution)

Problem Link | Download Code

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