Muhammed Imran Hussain


about me

I am involved in web development since 2005. The language I am confident to code in is PHP and occasionally using JAVA and Python. I have many experience writing code in PHP, write codes sometimes in Java and Python for contest purpose. I build secure and scale web and mobile applications in my day to day work.

I am a team player, love test driven development and agile methodologies and I always go for fully tested, well-documented code. I am familiar with many different paradigms and technologies.

I engage myself in community discussions and participate in meet ups to share what I know and learn from other people.

My Skill Set:
PHP: Laravel, Symfony2, CakePHP, Kohana, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Joomla, Magento

JAVA: Spring, Hibernate

Web: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Javascript: jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Mobile: PhoneGap, Android

VCS: Git, Bit-Bucket, Tortoise SVN

API Integration: Taobao, eBay, Amazon Web Services, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal,, 2Checkout, eSelect, Google Checkout

I am open for challenging opportunities in life changing jobs which contribute to a better tomorrow!

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